To have a product that is always compliant and perfect, SAPA has long since implemented a control system on the final product, which makes an electronic comparison of images and immediately detects any possible defect.

Each of our factories has all the latest generation assembly or welding machines, made with control systems that allow the release of the particular piece only if:

  • the component has been welded correctly
  • the assembly is perfect and compliant, with all the components provided

Then, for products that have very numerous components, SAPA uses robotic assembly islands - such as the starlock island on the covers or pinetti on the tailpieces - which bring significant benefits to the customer:

  • less assembly time
  • reduction of delivery times
  • guarantee for the customer on the presence of all components, correctly assembled

Precision that goes hand in hand with innovation, both in new production processes and quality standards.

Furthermore, the adoption of the WCM - World Class Manufacturing - standard has brought significant improvements (continuous and constant over time) which optimize the entire assembly cycle: less waste, more efficiency thanks to rigorous standards.

An example?
Thanks to the WCM, each workstation in SAPA has been designed ad hoc for the piece being produced, giving utmost importance to:

  • security
  • work station ergonomics
  • final product quality, without waste