Sorry, you can no longer enter your data, the deadline for participating to the Angelo Affinita Award expired.

Angelo Affinita Awards 2017 – 1st Edition European contest to award 3 PRIZES for bachelor, postgraduate or PhD theses or research project to the best European universities’ graduates seeking a breakthrough in their academic and professional life.

Would you like to win one of the 3 scholarships of 10,000, 7,000 or 5,000 euros that could change your academic and professional life? Read this notice EXTREMELY CAREFULLY and click on the button below to participate!

About SAPA Group

SAPA Group is a fast-growing industrial group with a turnover of almost €140 million in 2016. It makes plastics products for the automotive industry, providing a direct supply to major car makers such as FCA, Volkswagen and BMW.

About the Angelo Affinita Foundation

The Angelo Affinita Foundation is the first entrepreneurial foundation helping struggling young people and children through education and work. It was created in 2010 to fulfil the human and spiritual legacy of my father, Angelo Affinita, and to continue his work as illuminated entrepreneur.

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Sorry, you can no longer enter your data, the deadline for participating to the Angelo Affinita Award expired.



SAPA SRL, leading company in the field of production and processing of plastics for the automotive industry, in the context of its activities supporting and nurturing young people’s expertise, with the sponsorship of the Angelo Affinita Foundation, launches the European contest “Angelo

Affinita Awards” to grant 3 prizes:

First prize, €10,000

Second prize, €7,000

Third prize, €5,000

Prizes will be awarded to the authors of bachelor, postgraduate or PhD theses, selected on the basis of innovative and practical features related to the following sectors:

– Automotive Engineering

– Materials Engineering

– Chemical Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

– Automation Engineering

– Industrial Chemistry

– Other technical subjects relevant to the automotive industry

Following the Scientific Committee review, the contest winners will also be granted the opportunity of a 6-month internship at SAPA industrial plant in Arpaia (BN).


Who can apply

For bachelor and postgraduate theses, the contest is open to students who graduated between 2015 and 2016, in a subject related to those listed in Art. 1. For PhD theses, the contest is open to students who graduated between 2014 and 2016. Candidates not belonging to the above-mentioned categories can submit a pre-admission request to the Scientific Committee no later than monday September 11, 2017, providing their CV and thesis abstract to be sent by email at


Conditions of Participation

Applications to the contest must be received no later than monday 11 september 2017 at 12:00 pm CET, exclusively by filling out the specific form available at, and attaching the required documents. Following the receipt of the request, the candidates will receive, by email and at the registration address, an application number to be used for the entire procedure of the contest. Applications received after the above-mentioned date or in a form and manner different to those described in this notice will not be eligible for evaluation. Following the receipt of the request, the candidates will receive by email an application number to be used for the entire procedure of the contest. Applications received after the above-mentioned date or in a form and manner different to those described in this notice will not be eligible for evaluation.


Content of the application

In the application, the candidates must state, on their own responsibility:

• Full name

• Date and place of birth

• Tax code

• Residence

• Citizenship

• Telephone number and email address

• Email address to be used for procedure deadlines

• Graduation date

• Title of the thesis

• Full name of thesis supervisors;

• University and Department wherein the degree has been obtained

• Permission to use the data provided for the purposes of this notice, and authorisation to SAPA Srl and other related companies to use the contents of the winning theses. At discretion of Sapa Srl, such use may concern:

a) disclosure of the awarded theses, in full and/or summarised version; b) the implementation of the contents of the awarded theses on an experimental basis;

c) patent registration of products, processes, and anything else obtained through the implementation of the awarded theses’ contents (insofar as patentable). By law, the awarded theses’ authors retain their right to own any patented ideas and, in case of actual implementation in the production processes of SAPA Srl or other associated companies, to receive a sum as compensation.

The information listed above must be provided in the application form defined in Art. 3. Along the application form, the candidate must also attach:

• A copy of the thesis in DOC or PDF format

• Any publication, other degrees and/or further documentation deemed relevant for the evaluation

• Curriculum vitae duly signed, complying with the Europass format

• A copy of a valid ID document and tax code, both signed by the holder

• Unless otherwise specified, all submitted documents must be in PDF document, native or scanned (for those to be signed)

• In the event of prize awarding, the Committee reserves the right to request the signed documents’ originals, as well as a copy of the authorisation to use personal data and projects’ results and an original of the statement referred to in Art. 3 to be printed, signed, and sent to the Committee by registered mail.


The judging Committee is composed of:

• three academic professors and three engineering experts appointed by SAPA Srl

• two independent experts, appointed by the Angelo Affinita Foundation, at least one of which belonging and/or related to the scientific subject of the bachelor/postgraduate course/PhD. None of the Committee members involved in the assessment of the applications will be thesis supervisor of a candidate and/or have a first or second-degree family relationship with a candidate, otherwise the candidate will be excluded from the contest. Should one of the above- mentioned conditions occur, the Committee member involved will abstain from the examination and evaluation of the application.


Assessment of applications and awarding of the prizes

The Committee, assessed the regularity of the applications submitted, will select the theses on the basis of a 100-point score to be assigned as follows:

• relevance to the contest subjects, up to 15 points

• innovativeness, up to 25 points

• feasibility, up to 45 points

• social impact, up to 5 points

• environmental sustainability, up to 10 points

The Committee will rank the projects by merit identifying for each category the eligible ones. The Commission’s judgement is incontestable and, if there are no worthy theses, it reserves the right not to award the prizes. The prizes will be awarded to the candidates who, in their respective categories, have achieved the highest score. In case of a tie, the younger candidates will take precedence in the ranking. The winners will receive written communication of the award by email at the registration addresses within 30 days from submission. If a winner withdraws, the prize will we awarded to next eligible candidate according to the ranking list.

The award ceremony will take place during the event ANGELO AFFINITA AWARDS – 1st EDITION, on december 2017.


Scientific and Organisational Committee

The Scientific and Organisational Committee handle and coordinate the proper management of the procedure regulated by this notice. In particular, it deals with the dissemination of the notice itself, the collection of applications, the publication of the assessment results, the award of the prizes, the dissemination of the contest results and the arrangements for the internship at SAPA Srl operational headquarters.


The data collected will be processed in compliance with art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 No. 198 on personal data protection and subsequent amendments, only as part of this procedure and stored at the SAPA Srl Secretariat until its conclusion. In relation to such data, the person concerned may exercise the rights guaranteed by Art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments. SAPA Srl Secretariat is responsible for the data processing, subject to the provisions on access of Italian Law No. 241/1990 and subsequent amendments. SAPA Srl reserves the right to use all materials submitted for the contest, as well as the right to publish and disseminate the results of the theses and the implementation of those results, under the terms and conditions of Art. 4.


The Scientific and Organisational Committee will provide information and elucidation about this notice, and it accepts queries by email at

This notice is published on the website


The Court of Naples has exclusive jurisdiction over administrative disputes or any other civil dispute.