The revolutionary One-Shot™ method is getting an exclusive global launch on the IZB Innovation Report: a patented, all-in-one process that is revolutionising the creation of car components

SAPA will attend the IZB automotive trade fair, also known as the “the future fair”, a meeting point where all technologies currently developed by automotive companies are presented and will be on the cars of the future.

SAPA is among them.

SAPA decided to present the One-Shot™ process, the “very secret ingredient” that transforms auto components in Superior Auto Parts Always, as a result of the bold specialisation undertaken by the company.

As opposed to conventional methodology adopted on the market, the One-Shot™
method aims at reducing weight and cost of the parts, by transforming plastic material into a finished component on a single production island, with a single press blow, where today four or even more are required.
This special and unique methodology will be presented in Germany from 16 to 18 October 2018, together with the patented pending solutions created using this new method.
A real “World Premiere”, the first and only in the world.

“Digitalisation, alternative engines and lightweight construction are three of the keywords that define the rapid transformation currently taking place within the automotive industry. New materials, ecologically and economically feasible solutions and digitally networked applications for products and production are all in high demand “


These are the words that opened last year’s IZB Innovation Report, and this is the philosophy that will drive the future.

This is also our trend since years and will continue to be. We created a whole new department – Innovation in Engineering – dedicated to continuous research and improvement.
Last year we filed six patents, and we aimed at doubling this amount over the following year.

We filed 20 patents, and cannot wait to introduce you to them.

Giovanni Affinita
Chief Sales Strategist and member of the board at SAPA

Do you work with a carmaker and wish to know more about the revolutionary One-Shot™ process by SAPA? Contact immediately, a SAPA Genius will get in touch within 24h.

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