One-Shot® C Lower Pillar

Here is the method that allows to produce up to 1,000 C Lower Pillars per day, with 80 seconds cycle time (Against 40 C Lower Pillars per day, With 12 minutes cycle time in the traditional process!)

As you continue to read this page, you will discover how the One-Shot® method has revolutionized the C Lower Pillar, by guaranteeing:

  •   80 seconds cycle time (allowing you to order more parts and toreceive them in less time without compromising on quality)  
  •  The production of 1,000 parts per day 
  •  Significant cost reduction through process automation 

Read until the end, you will also find out about the exclusive gift that we have prepared for you!

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But why is this method so revolutionary?


With the traditional method: e

The production time of a single C Lower Pillar unit is 40 minutes and skilled workers are needed to carry out the necessary foaming process inside the mould. One day = 40 C Lower Pillars produced per operator


 long lead times


With the traditional method:

The seat bottom is made by hand. This means higher risk of human error, therefore more reject pieces and more staff training costs.


More skilled workers are needed, which will affect the cost of the final components and the cost of your orders.


With the traditional method

The price of a single piece assembled with the traditional method is 40% higher than a piece produced with the One-Shot® method because manual production requires more workers, therefore more supervision for quality assurance and more training.


 more quality assurance staff is needed, therefore more costs on final orders.

One day, however, a group of engineers within SAPA began to get together to find a solution to these problems, in a top-secret department called “Innovation Engineering”.

Within this department, the engineers worked day and night to shake up the automotive market.

That’s how the revolutionary One-Shot® process came to be!

3 moulds, dependence on external suppliers, 2 processes (moulding + injection).

  •  1 single process
  •  1 single component
  •  1 single press stroke

Here is the One-Shot® C Lower Pillar


If you think about it for a moment, it’s like replacing a walk with a car ride. It might be less romantic, but the benefits in terms of comfort, speed and lower risk of getting lost are unquestionable.

At the same time, our One-Shot® C Lower Pillar concentrates the many steps of the traditional process in one single process.

And the “pleasant consequences” are manifold:

It is a guaranteed process with 100%-certified machinery

ensuring no imperfection, deformation or difference between the parts

80 seconds cycle time,

saving you time and allowing you to work onother parts.

1,000 parts produced per day

ensuring that high volume orders can be fulfilled.

110% increase in productivity


But this is not all

Our One-Shot® C-Lower Pillar has already been patented pending and you will soon find it on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio model.


The paper Sole 24 Ore wrote about the One-Shot® method and of SAPA as a driver of technological innovation.


If you’ve read so far… we’ve prepared a gift for you!

We wanted to give you a real feel of the One-Shot® Method. So, you can receive a wow box conveniently at your office. Inside you will find:

  •  the actual part;
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