SAPA – the One-Shot company – is Superior Parts Always.

A company that moved its first steps under the guidance of Angelo Affinita, a man born and raised in the outskirt of a small town in southern Italy. Everything began with the handmade artisan work, on which the made in Italy was always centered.

I want to share with you a short but very important story.
Angelo’s father used to manufacture handmade window fixtures: unique pieces that could not be replicated, actual art pieces. But it was Angelo that revolutionized his dad’s work and crafted a future for SAPA. He convinced his father to start working on stocks, optimizing processes and production.
From handmade, to the perfection of a carefully designed mass production.
The patented pending One-Shot method started back then, in a way.


The unparalleled technical, entrepreneurial and social skills of Angelo Affinita transformed an artisan boutique into a company with 10 branches all around Italy and Europe, over 1.700 employees and 300 millions in revenue.

Today, SAPA is responsible for processes related to mold injection in the automotive field, supplying major international car manufacturers such as FCA, Volkswagen, CNH, Ferrari, etc.


SAPA is the One-Shot Company: a true all-in-one specialist, granting its clients two benefits related to high quality components:


A unique process, a unique component, lighter and cheaper.



SAPA – the One-Shot Company – Superior Auto Parts Always: officially launches the patented pending One-Shot method®, pursuing the production of lighter components at a cheaper price.



SAPA becomes the only shareholder of Brigoni S.p.A., becoming a 180 million in revenue company with 6 establishments and over 1.000 employees.



SAPA becomes Superior Automotive Parts and Application. A process with the very clear goal of taking mold injection to the next level in the automotive field, with two areas of production interest: the engine area and the vehicles internal components.

SAPA joins the Italian stock market ELITE project, and a new 21.000 m2 plant is inaugurated in Sosnowiec, Poland, with revenue reaching 130 millions.



From Italy and Easter Europe all the way to the USA.

SAPA begins a scouting venture thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the UK Trade & Investments dept.

SAPA’s quest for international development adds a new piece to the puzzle, as it officially joins the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.



It is time for important strategic decision: SAPA focuses on the international markets.
A new sales office is officially opened in Germany, in order to focus on clients such a Daimler and BMW.



After Fiat and Volkswagen, it is now time for Jeep: SAPA secures the order for the American manufacturers’ new SUV, increasing the revenue to about €30 millions.
Volkswagen group also officially hires the group for the first time. The growth continues and requires for new branches, leading to the acquisition of a new plant in Melfi (PZ).



The market continues to expand internationally leading to a new office being opened in Germany.

SAPA’s quest for international business takes a turn for the best when Volkswagen lists it as a credited supplier for the Volkswagen Group in regard to the production of plastic components.




It’s a very significant year. Angelo Affinita passes away, leaving the company to his wife Dora, his daughter Mariangela and sons Antonio and Giovanni.

Simultaneously, the company starts developing internationally, opening SAPA Polska, in Poland, in the county of Tichy.



The constant growth asks for adjustments in the way SAPA is structured, leading to the creation of a business hub.

The PLASTCAUDIO group transfers his industrial branch within the group controlled by Adles Sapa (as of today, SAPA), subsequently becoming the group holding controlling SAPA and Robotec.



The group acquires Robotec Srl in two stages: first, acquiring 49% of its shares (2007), and then the entirety of it in 2009.

It is an important step towards becoming a major player in the field of mold injection of plastic materials in the automotive sector. A growth that is also mirrored by the company’s revenue that reaches over €50 millions.



SAPA becomes a direct supplier of the Fiat group, thanks to the acquisition of a Lucchesi Srl branch: a society operating in the field of mold injection of plastic materials.

The revenue reaches 40 millions and a focus process begins: the company will solely focus on the automotive field, leaving domestic appliances in the past.



PLASTCAUDIO srl is officially born. After nearly 20 years from the beginning of it all, it is now the right time to begin working in the field of mold injection of plastic materials. Production is focused in the field of automobile manufacturers and domestic appliances.

The revenue also significantly increases reaching €12 millions in 2



The journey of Angelo Affinita and SAPA in the world of business officially begins with the birth of Simeg Srl, a company working in the galvanizing industry.