On the last day of the IZB, SAPA’s stand had visitors continuously coming and going: the interest in the One-Shot® method of many engineers, designers and car makers confirmed that investing in innovation is one the winning moves to create a product that makes the difference.

Last day at the IZB = indescribable enthusiasm.

Yes, because if on the first day you feel the pressure, the nervousness and the tension, the last day is the one of the winning hand, the one on which you bet everything. Black or red.

Maybe you know the feeling, for example when you are with a customer or in a moment of great enthusiasm.

I think this is the best way to play, it is the energy that one feels on stage, when the curtains open and you feel that the people sitting in the public are there for you.

Engineers from around the world exchange ideas at the IZB 2018 

The last day at the IZB was exactly this for me, for me and for the people that shared this experience with me.

Beforehand during the preparations, and at the exhibition.

I wanted them to be in the video that you have seen, I wanted you to see their faces because I strongly believe in one thing: people make the difference.

Let me explain myself.  

Yesterday was really an incredible day:

From the opening to the closing, SAPA’s stand was always full of people interested in finding out more on the One-Shot® Method and in seeing the application of it on the 4 patented pending components.

Many of them became One-Shot® Experts by completing the path designed for this purpose and they could hence experience concretely the philosophy and the technique behind our way of working.

The concept that is important to us is simple: the One-Shot® Method makes innovation into its revolution.

So the result is a technology that allows us to save on costs and time and caters for lighter components while keeping very high quality standards.

Our SAPA Geniuses show the One-Shot® components

The people that came to visit our stand really got this aspect: it is not only a concrete application, but for us, One-Shot® is a way to look at and do things.

And I truly believe that the people who in the past months have prepared for the IZB with me have made this attitude their own. Yesterday in particular, we gave car makers the opportunity to ask our SAPA Geniuses questions, so that they could explain the daily difficulties they face and then discover the solutions that SAPA has researched upon over the past years and then adopted.

It was a precious exchange: with the speed that our days go by at, it isn’t always easy to find the time to go in depth – and I am very satisfied.

At SAPA we truly believe in exchange and we try to have it as often as possible.

If somebody asked me what brought me to this event, I would answer without a doubt: a strong desire to always advance.

Never alone.

Sharing one’s results makes work certainly more satisfying, and so does having the certainty that you are on the right path. Step after step, always advancing.

Kind regards,


Giovanni Affinita
Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors at SAPA


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