How many parts are needed to manufacture
a component the traditional way?


How many parts are needed to manufacture
a component with the ONE-SHOT® Method?


Is it really possible to reduce both weight and cost of a car component thanks to this patented pending method, through a single process rather than 4, with less waste and less work?

The ONE-SHOT® Method is the all-in-one method for the production of cars’ components that would usually require several passages.


How did we get to the One-Shot® patented pending process?

Let’s look back at the ‘60s.

We were inspired by SAPA’s founder, Angelo Affinita.
As a kid, he worked with his father, who was a window fixtures artisan. It was a beautiful, but incredibly long and complicated job. Every fixture was handmade.
Angelo’s intuition led to them moving from artisan production, to serial production. Optimizing processes and products, ensuring quality and lowering costs.


We started from this.

We invested our resources, creating a department working in the automotive field: Innovation Engineering. An entire SAPA department dedicated to research and development of unique patented pending solutions aimed at making car component’s lighter and cheaper.
It was essential to have an innovation engineering department entirely devoted to research.

Thanks to our engineers’ strategies, and the exclusive implementation of our own patented pending automations, SAPA managed to manufacture a component that was cheaper and lighter, in accordance with the strict regulations for car weight. The One-Shot® Method and investments on research, allowed us to double our patents year after year, eventually leading to 20 patents in 2018.

Also granting us remarkable awards.



FCA – Supplier of the Year 2018

In 2018 FCA’s prestigious Supplier of the Year prize was awarded to SAPA.


Innovation Award 2017

SAPA was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award alongside Ford at the 2017 SPE Automotive TPO Conference in Detroit.



SAPA is part of the Borsa Italiana ELITE project, partnered with the London Stock Exchange Group Academy


FCA – Qualitas Continuous Improvement

In 2015 the FCA Continuous Improvement award was granted to SAPA


Word Class Manufacturing

SAPA chose to follow the WCM standards for World Class Manufacturing

News outlets, such as Il Sole 24 Ore, talked about us.



One-Shot® process:


Turns plastic into a finished component in a single production area and through a single production stage, with no waste.

The Result?


Less weight and less costs for you car components (and better quality)

Do you wish to know about the patented pending One-Shot solutions that SAPA’s prepared for you and are NOW available?

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