The Automobile field requires top quality levels.
Such a goal can only be achieved by respecting the tough standards imposed by IATF, ISO/TS 16949.
Moreover, thanks to our specialization in the One-Shot method ®– the all-in-on method to have lighter and cheaper components – we have focused on a management system based on IATF, ISO/TS 16949



This results in great benefits for you:

  • The certainty of an assured quality level, through a highly competent third-party audit;
  • Customer’s internal audits are free of charge;
  • Constant training in regard to SAPA’s field of interest.

SAPA does, in fact, periodically send some of his personnel to the ANFIA (National Association of Automobile Industries) to hold specialized courses in regard to ISO/TS

This has allowed us to work with highly specialized and certified people in our factories over the years, especially:

  • Seven ANFIA certified professionals working as system auditors;
  • Every branch has at least one ANFIA qualified professional;
  • Three professionals in the central quality deparments;
  • Two VDA 6.3 certified professionals for the German market.

Not only IATF, ISO/TS 16949: quality is also guaranteed when it comes to customer support.

SAPA has, in fact, chosen to respect the WCM – World Class Manufacturing standards: a warranty for what concerns quality standards, not just for products, but for the company’s processes too, as they meet the highest standards for development and internal optimization in the world, leading to constant growth and improvement.


Thanks to WCM standards, SAPA’s implemented yet another quality control system, through a dedicated software – QA RADAR – ensuring:

  • Concrete analysis of quality items;
  • Fast customer’s involvement;
  • Widespread availability of information, meeting the WCM standards

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Innovation Award 2017

SAPA was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award alongside Ford at the 2017 SPE Automotive TPO Conference in Detroit.



SAPA is part of the Borsa Italiana ELITE project, partnered with the London Stock Exchange Group Academy


FCA – Qualitas Continuous Improvement

In 2015 the FCA Continuous Improvement award was granted to SAPA


Word Class Manufacturing

SAPA chose to follow the WCM standards for World Class Manufacturing