On Friday, December 15th the great SAPA family met up at the Christmas Event, in the magnificent setting of the Royal Palace at Caserta. A good time to catch up, and to sum up 2017’s results as well: A TURNOVER OF 180 MILLION, MORE THAN 1000 EMPLOYEES, +25% GROWTH COMPARED TO 2016

I use to say that SAPA is a big family. Not only for being a family-run business, but also because since its inception, it has been a project based on the togetherness of several persons.  

Individuals who can make the difference, locking horns and building together, as happens in any family.

Thus, I started my speech at SAPA Christmas Event, in the splendid Royal Palace at Caserta with these words:

We are all here for something bigger, for a project that goes beyond every single person and impacts a thousand of families, starting from our great family.

2017 has been the result of our decision to invest in our professionalism, alongside innovation and new technology.

The investment in our incessant improvement allowed us to take our products one step further, to optimize costs and reduce energy consumption and be more environmentally sustainable.  

This year our increased turnover will reach 180 million euro, a 25% growth compared to 2016 and it bears witness to our expansion. But we don’t want to stop it here, our project for growth – industrial and human, has just begun.

Looking back, I can hardly believe it.

2017 has been really a great year on so many levels. My father Angelo would be proud of us. In primis of our commitment to innovation, growing tremendously.  

We created a brand new department – Innovation in Engineering – and we doubled the number of patents every year. And in 2017 this fact has brought us to 3 very special and important events.

Allow me to highlight for you the most important milestones of this beautiful and intense journey.

    1. We started in May, with SAPA Workshop 2017, the most important SAPA event of the year. A technical workshop to present the new patented pending solutions to the most important car makers. They touched the products with their hands, know all the ideas and innovative products and have access to exclusive and confidential information about the future of the industry.
    2. Then we went along in June, with Plastics in Motion in Detroit, where we lectured as specialists in innovation processes, among the giants of the sector.
    3. Right after, with Smart Plastics in Milan, the event organized by magazines Plast and Plast Design, dedicated entirely to high performance polymeric materials.
    4. In July, with the acquisition of 100% of Brigoni Spa shares, SAPA reached a total of more than 1,000 employees and aggregate turnover of 180 million Euros over the 12 months. A very significant leap forward into the future.
    5. And the great surprise in October, the Innovation Award in Detroit – the most important and oldest event on the use of plastics in automotive industry – the gold standard for those operating in the automotive sector – with our innovative patent, entirely Made in Italy.
    6. Finally, our lecture about Smart Manufacturing e Industry  4.0   at the German-Italian Innovation Conference, organized by the Italian Embassy in Berlin, attended by Bosh, Lamborghini and BASF, among others. And the announcement of our partnership with Porsche for their new electric project, the Porsche Mission E.

Today we are more than 1.000 employees; a turnover of 180 million euro, a + 25% growth compared to last year.

Even at SAPA Christmas Event we realized that we have become so many, and I am glad to show you the greatest pictures: it has been a profound moment for each of us and – believe me – it’s just the start.

Ad maiora!

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