The Founder


The Man and the Entrepreneur

Angelo Affinita was born in 1944 in Santa Maria a Vico and passed on July 6th 2010.
He began working at a very young age, in the family business, as an artisan woodworker.
He was a very smart and talented man, with unparalleled business acumen: he innovated the family business, making it into a hub for the serial production of window fixtures, which had always been hand-made.

SAPA’s One-Shot method® is the result of several steps in the optimization of production that had its start with Angelo himself.

Moreover, in order to act as a spokesman for all of the entrepreneurs of Southern Italy, he first join the Caserta Confapi, then became a member of the Unionmeccanica national board of directors, of which he became vicepresident in September 2005.

Social Commitment and Angelo Affinita Foundation

Besides being a hard worker, Angelo was an incredibly active member of society.

Together with his wife Dora, he supported the Agape No-Profit committee that – in over 10 years of activity – raised more than 250.000 euros to help the “Casa de Menor” NGO. The collaboration between the two led to the construction numerous facilities, both medical and educational, in Brazil. The effort also included housing people and helping youth getting started in some of the country’s most difficult areas, thanks to job training.

In 2010, the Angelo Affinita No-Profit Foundation was officially created, marking an even bigger effort. It is the first foundation dedicated to the help of children and youth through job training and education.

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His Values

Angelo was always very attentive when it came to the promotion of development and the support of a healthy and qualitative lifestyle for working people.
A company’s growth had to proceed together with the growth and well-being of its employees in order to really be valuable.

He loved to say that, “a company is a social asset, not a private one”. He always saw his role as CEO as a service to his collaborators and to a land with a high unemployment rate.

His success as an entrepreneur didn’t change his lifestyle: he was a humble and straightforward man; a good, honest person, deeply caring for those around him.

To this day, SAPA and its employees try to live by his values. The book “Angelo Affinita – In Business For Love” wishes to convey all of these values.

The Book In Business For Love

Would you like to know the secret behind building a company from scratch and turning it into an international corporation with hundreds of happy employees?

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You will find
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L’intero ricavato finanzierà i progetti della Fondazione Angelo Affinita

Angelo Affinita’s life set an example to those who want to do business responsibly.

You will find out how personal life choices can affect your business life.

You will learn how separating business and life choices is actually wrong, especially when they’re so profoundly intertwined.

Finally, you will discover what it means to really be grateful for your family, employees, collaborators, suppliers. People who love you and appreciate you for better or worse

Angelo Affinita was a normal person.
He was ironic, loveable, sweet, but he also had flaws. He managed to put his strong suits and weakness all at the service of a greater purpose.

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