The flight back to Italy is ready to take off.

SAPA flies back from Detroit and from Plastics in Motion 2017 with a wealth of ideas, contacts and new solutions that is definitely big and cumbersome. An experience that makes us proud for two reasons: first, for having brought a small industrial reality like ours among the giants of the automotive industry.

Secondly, for having received an interest in and appreciation for the efforts made in recent years: patents have doubled each year, constant investments in the R&D department and continuous improvement of people and knowledge within SAPA.

We are ready to bring automotive plastics to an even higher level.

“Plastics in Motion 2017 has ended.

We have received so many requests for in-depth information from many people interested in the presented application.

Injection molding with Mucell, an innovative technology that brings great benefits in terms of reduction of pollutant emissions, thanks to the weight reduction of the plastic components of the car and as a consequence of the fuel consumption

We are really happy with this event, we bring home so many new contacts and – above all – new ideas to develop to bring automotive plastics to an even higher level.”

These are the words of Giovanni Affinita, Sales Strategist of SAPA, in the photo with Engineers Innocenzo Macchiarolo and Pasquale Sgambati of the Technical Department and Engineers Sofia Lanzillo (our speaker on stage in Detroit) and Alfonso Molaro of the R&D Department.

If you want to know more about the new products and all the patented pending solutions that we have produce, write to, one of our dedicated experts will respond to you immediately to give you all the pieces of information that you want

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