In 2017 SAPA contributes to educational expenses for the minor children of all workers at Group plants with a low family income.

Imagine thinking of a large multinational company.

You can imagine large offices on multiple floors and levels. Huge production halls located in every corner of the globe.

Think of the image of an overturned pyramid: with directors at the tops, going downward, you find the managerial groups, and going ever downward you will find the most operational roles.

It comes out naturally, when you think of a structured company, to imagine a hierarchy, a complex organigram, consisting of infinite boxes, one after the other, in descending order of importance.

It is normal to think that in such a reality, the bureaucratic procedures are a daily occurrence, that communications are dilated, that relationships are a little impersonal.

You think more about numbers than about people.

But today, I want to guide you through SAPA offices and plants. I want to let you breathe our air.

When you get into Arpaia, with the Sibillini mountains behind you, you will find two rings that are firm and tied together. The offices and the production plant.

On the one hand all the people who manage the company and on the other hand, intertwined, all the workers who work with their hands on our products.

There are no bureaucratic walls in SAPA, there are open doors for dialoguing, for bringing problems and for confronting on solutions.

A style born with Angelo Affinita and that today is still the cornerstone of SAPA.

No door is ever closed, and no person is ever unattainable.

Of course, everyone has a definite role in SAPA, and in that role, the person gives us the maximum of his/her potential.

The two chain rings measure the same weight and are of the same importance while playing different roles.

But what really matters to us is the human contribution – as well as professional – that every person can give us. The human capital, this is the pulsating heart of SAPA.

To protect the most human aspect of our employees, SAPA has decided to aim to them: the children of its employees.

Who does represent the heart of the fathers and mothers working for us than more than their children? What good is more precious than them? None.

That is why this year we have decided to protect our human capital with greater attention.

This year, all the employees of SAPA Group plants, with a family income of up to 22,000 Euros, will receive a voucher to contribute to the purchase of school books equal to 100 Euro for each minor child.

The Code of Ethics of SAPA represents the natural evolution of the entrepreneurial vision of our founder, Angelo Affinita, always oriented towards the development and growth of people and towards the commitment to the new generations.

A vision handed down from generation to generation that has built so many projects aimed to the social sphere and to the youth sponsored by the company and by the Angelo Affinita Foundation

Last but not least, the opportunity offered to all university students to win a scholarship, thanks to the Angelo Affinita Prize, of the Angelo Affinita Foundation.

A just-concluded European competition call, which involves the award of three prizes to three graduation thesis for an amount of 22,000 euros, with the participation of hundreds of Italian and foreign students.

When we think about our employees, we think first of all to their families. We think that one of the main reasons – coupled with the willingness of professional realization – that drives our employees to give more and more each day, are their children.

Protecting especially the economically weaker categories means for us to give more strength and solidity to our families.

A voucher of a hundred euros will certainly not change the lives of our employees, but perhaps give a message of trust to their children.

A clear message: education and training are the greatest asset.

That is why we decided to guide them in this way, because teaching to fish is much more effective than donating a fish.

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