One-Shot® Engine Beauty Cover

Why is this methodology so revolutionary?


the engine cover is made up of numerous pieces, assembled in several production islands.


this can affect the quality of work, more pieces to check means increasing the probability of error and production of scrap pieces.


the assembly of different pieces required more production phases and therefore more personnel to be employed both in the assembly work and in the control of all phases.


this affects the cost and the probability of production of scrap pieces.


the cycle time for creating a cover is 180 seconds on average.


this causes many problems for order management, because it is too long for today's production standards, negatively affecting production times.

Thus was born the revolutionary One-Shot® process!

Summing up

Traditional method

  • 1 mold for the hard shell + 2 molds for the pur
  • Cycle time: 180 seconds
  • Piece created in several production islands
  • Fixing with starlock
  • Production of waste parts
  • Manual process with operators

One-Shot® method

  • 1 mould. Although co-molded with the engine cover
  • 60 seconds
  • A single production island
  • No starlock fixing
  • Zero pieces of scrap
  • Automated Process

FCA-Supplier of the year 2018

In 2018, the prestigious FCA Supplier of the Year award went to SAPA.

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A-pillar bicolor & C-lower Pillar are really 2 interesting components.

Purchasing specialist - Škoda

SAPA? Yes, the company with the bullet in the logo for their particular production speed!

Interior, R&D Europe - Honda

We hope that One-Shot® technology can be a revolution in the development of the automotive sector, and can eradicate the normal gas injection process.

Car Design Interior and Exterior Modules - Mercedes

Getting to know SAPA and the One-Shot Method® at IZB was absolutely interesting. I’d love to dive into the process with an expert!

Interior Design Engineer - BMW

Yes, I remember perfectly SAPA, they are the One-Shot® company!

General Manager Cost Development Europe - Mazda

What the Car Makers say about us