We apply the scientific injection molding process, developed in 4 basic steps:

  • product design with technical specifications, also in co-design
  • choice and management of material
  • mould design and construction
  • regulation and process control

Together with the customer we therefore define the technical specifications of the product and the process. Following this, each press is regulated according to the universal principles of scientific moulding.

We acquire process data in real time in order to be able to modify the operating parameters of the machines and thus produce perfect parts in each cycle. In addition, functional elements made of other materials, such as metal inserts, can be added to the parts during processing.

The scientific injection molding process allows us to achieve great advantages and benefits for the customer:

  • increased reliability of the entire process
  • increase in productivity
  • high production volumes
  • less consumption of materials
  • faster speed of execution and delivery