In SAPA the painting plant is totally automatic, with six painting booths made up of 6 anthropomorphic robots with 6 axes, with volumetric pumps that control the delivery of the paint to the spray guns.

In this way we can guarantee:

  • high quality and constant on all sprayed details
  • automatic control that avoids orange-peel (orange peel effect)
  • no human error on the part of the operator in preparing or mixing the required colour
  • extreme versatility in changing the cycles/delivery times of the painted pieces

A versatility that also rhymes with speed: in the production start-up phase of new customer cars, we agree on any changes or variations, color matching... in order to be able to satisfy any requests in a very short time extras.

Or even make up for, in some cases, the customer's sudden plant shutdown and avoid the stoppage of his car assembly lines.