Window Frame

A single part with the ONE-SHOT® Method!

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Are you an engineer working for a car maker?
Read carefully, this page is for you!

Would you like to reduce plastic deformations in the trunk by 70%, eliminating unpleasant joint sounds, with a single light and cheap component instead of three?

Here’s the patented revolutionary One-Shot® Window Frame.
One process, one component.
Lighter, cheaper.

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We’ve prepared a video for you, which will show you how the patented One-Shot Window Frame has revolutionized a 20-year-old process, making it cheaper, and granting lighter components.

One-Shot® Window Frame: a single component, with 10% less production costs, and 8% less weight per single component. One process, no deformations.

  • Say no to >1mm deformations (and no to joint problems)
  • Say no to loud and poorly looking issues
  • Say no to joint components of different materials.

Do you work for a car maker?
Watch the video, now, by filling the form with your information, and find out how the Window Frame patented One-Shot process works!

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