From 16 to 18 October, SAPA, too will be present at the IZB in Wolfsburg Allerpark, one of the most important car parts exhibitions in the world.

It is a known fact: before every beginning there’s a moment when you would like to go back.

Like when you’re on a plane for example. When the engines are on, the hostesses have gone through the security procedures and you are only waiting for take-off… Sometimes at that moments, I feel like getting off the plane.

Or when you are about to leave for holidays.

Everything is booked already: your accommodation, the car, everything. You know your itinerary, you even know where you are going to eat, the beaches and the museums you are going to visit. All you need to do is load on your luggage and go. And yet, something is holding you back right where you are.

Does this happen to you, too?

It is a very precious moment.

I’ve thought about this many times and I think that the hesitation is linked to a form of awareness: afterwards you will no longer be the same as before.

I’m sure you know what I’m referring to: it is a very well-known feeling especially for someone who often deals with presentations, deadlines and customers.

Our job entails risks, evaluations and relaunching.

The automotive sector is by nature always in evolution but embracing change is not always easy.

When everything is ready, and yet you would like to go back.

These days, the atmosphere at SAPA is fantastic.

We are preparing for IZB, which will be held at the Allerpark exhibition centre in Wolfsburg, Germany, from 16 to 18 October.

We are extremely proud to be participating in this event that is of extraordinary importance for our work, for two reasons:

  • We will present the four components patented pending with the One-Shot® Method in a world premiere and within an international scene that is a showcase of the latest trends and innovations in the automotive sector.
  • We have created an extremely innovative stand where everyone will be able to see the advantages of the One-Shot® Method concretely.

Let me explain myself better.

As you may already know, the One-Shot® Method is patented pending as the world fastest method to produce car parts, and guarantees the same high quality performance while also reducing costs, diminishing the parts’ weight and enhancing productivity.

It is a unique method that differentiates itself from traditional processes because it reduces the number of production phases, which in turn brings many economic and environmental benefits.

This method, which scored us among the top three at the Automotive TPO Conference in Detroit, was applied on four parts: these will be the true protagonists at our stand at the IZB.

I’m referring to:

  • ONE-SHOT® WINDOW FRAME, the first tailgate in the world to receive the Innovation Award in Detroit
  • ONE-SHOT® ENGINE BEAUTY COVER, the only all-in-one Motor Cover
  • ONE-SHOT® A PILLAR BICOLOR, the only bi-color pillar moulded in just one step
  • ONE-SHOT® C LOWER PILLAR, the biggest automatically upholstered component.

You know these parts very well, but they become unique when produced with the One-Shot® Method because they are produced while also achieving:

  • Lesser costs
  • Lesser weight
  • More productivity

In line with the standards set out by Horizon 2020.

I would like to tell more in details.

The One-Shot® Window Frame is the name we gave to a plastic part whose inner space is emptied out, traditionally by using nitrogen.

We could obtain the same results with thermoplastic cooling, which has the advantage of saving time and delivering parts of lesser weight. This component is already being used by Volkswagen on the Arteon model.

When it came to the One-Shot® A Pillar Bicolor on the other hand, our work was based on the requirements set out by Jeep Renegade: a less oppressive cabin was needed that would also cater for improved car safety.

So we patented pending a pillar that links together two parts of different colours using just one machine, thus creating a more solid part, faster and with less labour.

The histories of One-Shot® C lower Pillar and of One-Shot® Beauty Cover are similar: these are two fundamental parts, whose production processes have not been updated or improved for the past twenty years and are still carried out manually by many producers.

With the former, we simplified a procedure that is traditionally carried out by specialized workers, i.e. the upholstering, whereby with One-Shot® motor cover, the innovation relies in having created one single mould, whereas traditionally several moulds are needed.

I was telling you about our stand. You’ll find us in Hall 1, stand no 2021.

Visiting our stand will be a true journey in the SAPA world and in the One-Shot® Method.

Already before going inside of the stand, a screen will display an important message for anyone that has to tackle difficult daily issues related with deadlines, customers and solutions for car parts.

Preview of SAPA’s stand, Hall 1 – Stand 1201

Visitors of the SAPA stand will be a fundamental part of the One-Shot® World Premiere, and they will:

  1. Have a access to a 4-step-itinerary to become a One-Shot® expert;
  2. Get to discover the four patented pending products and their characteristics;
  3. Receive numerous gadgets that will immediately prove useful;
  4. Be able to speak with the SAPA Geniuses, who will be at your complete disposal.

A unique opportunity really.

For us it will be a very important experience.

Upon our return we will no longer be the same, but now it’s time to go.

See you soon,

Giovanni Affinita
Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors at SAPA



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