The automotive sector demands the highest levels of quality.
An achievable goal only by adhering to the strict technical specifications of the IATF, ISO/TS 16949 standards, a quality assurance system for you.
Moreover, thanks to our specialization in One-Shot® processes, the all-in-one method to obtain your components with less weight and lower costs, we have focused on a management system based on the criteria, guidelines, and requirements established by IATF, ISO/TS 16949.

This brings undisputed advantages for you:

Continuous and constant training of the skills guaranteed by SAPA.

No cost to engage client internal audits;

Continuous and constant training of the skills guaranteed by SAPA.

In fact, SAPA periodically sends its personnel to ANFIA (National Association between Automotive Industries), to carry out specialist courses on ISO/ TS.

Thanks to the WCM standards, SAPA has inserted and developed an additional quality management system with dedicated software - QA RADAR - which guarantees:

A concrete analysis of quality items

Rapid customer engagement;

A capillary dissemination of information, fully applying the WCM standard.

Over the years, this has allowed us to have highly qualified and certified figures in our factories. In particular:

7 people with ANFIA certification as system auditors;

Each of our establishments has at least one ANFIA qualified person;

3 people in the central quality bodies:

2 VDA 6.3 certified people for the German market.

Not only IATF, ISO/TS 16949: quality also comes from customer assistance management.

SAPA has, in fact, chosen to adopt the WCM – World Class Manufacturing standards, which become an additional pillar of quality assurance, not only for the products but also for the business processes, aligned with the highest global standards in terms of development and internal optimization for constant improvement and growth.

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Innovation Award 2017

SAPA awarded together with Ford at the SPE Automotive TPO Conference 2017 in Detroit with the prestigious Innovation Awards

FCA – Qualitas Continuous Improvement

In 2015, the FCA Continuous Improvement award went to SAPA


SAPA is part of the ELITE project of Borsa Italiana and in partnership with the Academy of the London Stock Exchange Group

Word Class Manufacturing

SAPA has chosen to adopt the WCM – World Class Manufacturing standards


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