Here is one of the latest Engine Beauty Cover produced in SAPA, with the special SAPA Inside™ patent.

Apparently, it only looks like a molded and assembled plastic; in fact, it is a piece of superior quality projected forward into the future. Here is why:

“Some see just a piece of plastic.
I don’t.
I see countless hours of design and discussion with the aim of making excellence reality.“

I see a component that resists to 180 degrees Celsius, to shocks, soundproofs 300% more than a classic Engine Beauty Cover, tested for vibration beyond any imagination.
I see a 20-ton steel mold, held together in a press with a force of thousands of tons.
I see a software that monitors production parameters every second, ensuring the reproduction of a perfect component.
I see a gigantic system, with hundreds of people working together to achieve something extraordinary.
I see what men can do when rowing together in the same direction: the future.
Ad maiora!”

Giovanni Affinita, Sales Strategist And SAPA Board member
Superior Automotive Parts and Application

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