Find out in Il Sole’s 24 Ore’s article one of the best ways to invest in innovation: employing young engineers and creating a super dashboard for near future cars

Is it even possible to bring together university and companies, striving to create new jobs (useful for fresh graduated students) and new highly innovative components to be sold worldwide (useful for companies for their profit)?

I talked it over with a Il Sole 24 Ore journalist who interviewed me for a project where SAPA, FCA, the Federico II University and the University of Salerno stood together to face the challenge of creating a new product and bringing it onto the world market…

And we did it!

Il Sole 24 Ore’s article shows you objectively that it is possible to create new jobs, bringing academy’s education closer to industry’s applicative world, and this trend is happening now and will happen even more over time.

The alliance between universities and companies is becoming increasingly important. For 2 reasons.

  1. To provide students with all necessary cutting-edge tools to compete today within the labor market
  2. To provide companies with new trained staff to build the new future technologies

But there’s a catch.

Technological progress is turning faster and faster and more efficient, and you must stand up and invest even more in innovation, in order to allow room into the world to Italian companies and our youngsters; and it must be done now.

Il Sole 24 Ore’s article talks exactly about how Campania is concretely investing in this subject and how it is benefiting from the government incentive package provided to create a genuine Innovation’s district.

Moreover, you’ll find:

  • How a 10 million investment created a decisive competitive edge for interior supplies to the major car manufacturers in the world;
  • Why 10% of the Italian engineers (namely one of ten across the country) graduated from Campania, thanks to a huge boost from the Automotive sector;
  • The only way to be able to achieve the craved goal: manufacturing the autonomous cars.  

It’s nice to know that all these advances are due to SAPA efforts as well and to the confidence in our new engineers, investing increasingly into innovation and research, to allow a brighter horizon for us and them.

You can read the entire article clicking on the following image.

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