June 6th 2018, SAPA was asked to intervene at the world event on innovation in the automotive field to be held in Stuttgart. The name of the lecture is “One-Shot Manufacturing Process to improve quality and productivity” and it will be held by our R&D engineer Alfonso Molaro

Serious faces, crossed arms, cellphones aiming at the stage, absolute silence.

That’s what the crowd at the 2018 Global Automotive Component and Suppliers EXPO in Stuttgarts looked like. They were receptive, focused and curious.

This serves as a symbol for the work that SAPA is doing, step by step, doing what’s right. Not only is it innovative, it sparks people’s curiosity and enthusiasm. Something like this is not to be taken for granted in the automotive industry.

So what exactly is this Automotive EXPO?

The Global Automotive Components and Suppliers EXPO is a world event where all of the most important innovations in the automotive field are presented and displayed

All the important companies in the field meet, showing off their new solutions, developed in order to reduce production costs for components while offering a higher quality and becoming more and more sustainable.

Just in 2017, the EXPO saw over 30.000 professionals and enthusiasts taking part, with about 350 companies there to present their innovative components, in a peaceful battle armed with nothing but genius and expertise.

At the 2018 edition, SAPA presented its new revolutionary One-Shot Method: a one-of-a-kind technique allowing for the transformation of normal automotive spare parts into new patented pending components called Superior Auto Parts Always.

Take, for example, the engine cover, now known as One-Shot Engine Beauty Cover…

In the past years, the company’s challenge has been that of innovating an incredibly competitive business through a one-of-a-kind method

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, mostly because what we offer doesn’t necessarily have anything in common with traditional technology implemented by other companies.

We believed in it, taking chances and making mistakes, never backing down.

First, SAPA focused on the Automotive field.

We decided to put all of our energy, know-how and attention on this field and this field only, becoming increasingly experienced.

The company invested 5% of its revenue into a department solely focused on innovating obsolete technology. The department was named “Innovation Engineering”.

That is why SAPA is able to innovate what most people don’t believe possible.

Just think that, two years ago, the patented pending products and technologies were 6. Now, in 2018, we’re up to 20 and counting.

Here are the fields on which our engineers are focusing, taken from one of Alfonso Molaro’s slides.

Do you wish to innovate the Automotive business? There’s a long way to go…

The response obtained by SAPA’s presentation is a clear indicator of how much this business needs to come across new inventions and improvements that can also have a positive impact on the environment surrounding us.


And this is made possible by our:

One-Shot Method “The world’s fastest method for auto parts”

Guarantying the best performances and quality from you components thanks to:

  • less weight
  • less costs
  • more efficiency

Below, the video of Alfonso Molaro’s lecture in Stuttgart, and a photogallery of the event.

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Speak to you soon,
Giovanni Affinita.
Chief Executive Sales Strategist and member of SAPA’s Board of Directors.

SAPA, Special Guest at the 2018 Global Automotive Components and Suppliers EXPO in Stuttgart

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