By participating in the “Corporate Golden Donor” membership programme, SAPA has decided to support the FAI in promoting and protecting the landscape and the historic and artistic heritage of Italy, in line with SAPA’s commitment to the region.

When I was younger, a story dating back to the beginning of the 20th century was again very popular.

I remember very well that we had this hard-cover book at home. When you would browse through it, you could smell a scent on the pages and images would fill the bottom part of the pages.

It had also been turned into a cartoon and my sister used to watch it every day at tea time at around 4pm.

Its title was The Secret Garden, maybe you know it, too.

The story is about a girl, Mary, who is put in the care of her uncle and within his gloomy estate in the English countryside she discovers a secret garden that has not been cared for in a long time.

Mary finds the key that opens the door to the secret garden, and what is more, with great dedication and with the help of her friend Dickon, she works at it, takes care of it and she brings it back to life.

To be honest, when I was a kid I didn’t pay much attention to this story – my sister on the contrary really loved it.

However, I was surprised to see the garden being brought back to life day after day. The care, the dedication and the commitment that I was seeing in the characters made me thankful and motivated me to act.

I remember that we also asked to have a garden to look after: we planted seeds, we took turns to water the ground and we waited impatiently to see the first sprouts.

This story came back to my memory when we decided to invest in our region together with the FAI – the Italian Fund for the Environment.

The FAI’s mission is to protect and promote the landscape and the cultural heritage of Italy.


By maintaining and by making accessible to everybody works of art, landscape and cultural heritage scattered around Italy.


This means that FAI is committed to educating people to appreciate beauty. But not only that. Part of its mission is to promote a culture of respect and of protection of these works of arts or of nature.

A difficult task, and the FAI tackles it in a superb way since 1975.

Maybe you are wondering what is the relation between a company that produces car parts and the Italian Fund for the Environment?

Italy is big and is beautiful. The FAI cannot do everything on its own.

The contribution of citizens is necessary but also of bigger entities that can support this grand undertaking.

SAPA, who has always been committed to its region, decided to support the FAI this year and provides its employees with two vouchers (valid for four people) with the following benefits:

  • Free entry to all FAI buildings;
  • Free entry to the National Trust buildings in the UK;
  • Discounts in more than 1,500 institutions affiliated with the Fund;
  • Exclusive entry and preferential lanes at the “FAI Spring Days” and “FAI Autumn Days”.

If you have been following SAPA then you know that caring for our origins is not only a starting point for development but also an objective that our company never loses sight of.

This is not all.

SAPA is always committed to educating people, as many of our initiatives demonstrate: the Angelo Affinita Prize is an example, but also the books vouchers, the collaboration with the local schools for many projects etc.

We have also always believed that putting people at the centre of any action is fundamental not only to obtain better results but also to make work a continuous exchange among people who care about the future.


Kind regards.

Giovanni Affinita
Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors at SAPA








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