In this short video you can find an excerpt of the speech made by Giovanni Affinita – Sales Strategist and SAPA Board Member – in front of the students of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II, to present them the Angelo Affinita Prize.

Only a few days left to the deadline for the competition announcement (which expires on July the 31st) addressed to the best students of all Italian and European universities. We are receiving so many applications for registration every day.

An important opportunity to find new talents and give them an opportunity to develop their skills and career in SAPA.

SAPA is today an important Italian company working in the automotive plastics industry, but is – in fact – a small reality if compared to the large multinational giants that dominate the industry.

When you are a David, in a sea of Goliath, it is crucial to sharpen the weapons of agility and intelligence. You need to be very precise when you want to hit a target and you have to do it with great intelligence.

For this reason SAPA has decided to focus on young people and on their ideas. Because they are an inexhaustible forge of new solutions, of possible patents to be developed.

Little agile weapons that allow you to remain on a very combative battlefield, as you could hear from the words of Giovanni Affinita in the video.

If you are a young college student and you want line up with the young and agile David, this is the competition for you.

You can be part of it starting from here

What is the Angelo Affinita Prize?

It is a European competition announcement to award 3 prizes Bachelor’s Thesis, PhD or research project  addressed to the best graduates and doctorates of the European universities. With the unique opportunity to carry on the research project by working in SAPA.

3 prizes will be awarded for a total of 22,000 Euros for each Bachelor’s Thesis, PhD or research project. The 3 prizes will be distributed as follows:

1° prize equal to € 10.000,00 

2° prize equal to €   7.000,00

3° prize equal to €   5.000,00 

The deadline of the competition announcement is set at 31 July 2017. After a period of evaluation of all the theses arrived and complying with the competition announcement, there will be the award ceremony in December of this year.

All young graduates and doctorates (or who are currently writing their theses) of all the Italian and European Universities can participate.

The prizes will be awarded to the authors of the most innovative Doctoral thesis and PhD thesis applicable to topics related to the following areas:

–           Automotive Engineering,

–           Materials Engineering,

–           Chemical engineering,

–           Mechanical engineering,

–           Automation Engineering,

–           Industrial chemistry,

–           Other technical disciplines related to the Automotive industry

For graduation theses, the competition is reserved to the new graduates who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in disciplines related to the topics of the call between 2015 and 2016..

For PhD theses, the competition is reserved for those who have been awarded the title between 2014 and 2016.

There will be a special Scientific Committee to judge the best thesis, consisting of three university professors and three expert technicians appointed by SAPA, as well as two independent experts nominated by the Angelo Affinita Foundation.

Do you want to join, too?

Go immediately to and carefully fill up all the fields required to participate in the competition and … good luck!

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