For the second time, Mariangela Affinita received the Felix Industry Award for Best Women-Owned Company in the Campania region: an important acknowledgement that shows how much SAPA grew over the last years.

On 2nd May my sister Mariangela was invited to Naples to receive the Felix Industry Award – Competitive Campania

It is a very important acknowledgement for us because it is awarded to businesses with a strong balance sheet, businesses for whom transparency is a certificate of reliability.

For the second time my sister had the honour and the duty to represent SAPA in this context.

Right before she left to go to Naples, we bumped into each other in the corridor. We adults take it for granted that we’ve learned to always control our emotions. And when it comes to your siblings, you know each other so well that you can predict their reactions and you expect them to react in a certain way.

Besides, as I said earlier, she had already had this experience.

Yet, I can assure you that her smile and the spark in the corner of her eyes really impressed me.

Mariangela Affinita receiving the award for SAPA: best women-owned business of the year 2019 in the Campania region.

In my family, women are the fundamental half. They stand for an attentive attitude and a guaranteed hug. Seeing Mariangela so excited reminded me how important it is not to take anything for granted. As I said: honour and duty.

Because, while receiving such an award is an acknowledgement of the success we have had so far, it also requires a huge effort. I am talking about the need to keep the bar high, not only to obtain new results but also to guarantee that your past performances prove successful. And Mariangela’s eyes knew this, too.

 Our commitment over the past years was directed at seeking innovation but also at continuously improving product quality. And by quality, I don’t just mean getting the necessary certifications but, for example, making the effort to optimise the process – which we achieved by applying the One-Shot® Method, and the effort to reduce waste, which is no longer a detail but a necessity almost dictated at political level, it is a new requirement.

Receiving the Felix Industry award together with many other companies that are committed to these goals and don’t only look at production and yield, is like having a friend that you very much respect telling you: “Ok, you’re going in the right direction. It will not always be easy, but I believe in you.”

Is there anything more motivating than this?

Many companies received the Felix Industry award, and this is a strong indicator of the innovative strive in the Campania region.

“Felix Industry reminds us of how rich and diversified the Italian industry is, what the potential is and how big it is and how we can further develop it in a growth-friendly context.”

This is what Mr Vincenzo Boccia, president of Confindustria said at the award ceremony.

The event was organised by Felix Industry Magazine and by the cultural association Felix Industry in collaboration with the Cerved Group S.p.A. and with the patronage of the LUISS University Guido Carli and Confindustria and has the objective of celebrating the role of business enterprise, of reducing the distance between businesses and the local communities and certifying the competitive capabilities of businesses.

“The companies receiving the Award understood that it is now necessary to be excellent in every business department and that the industry of the future has to have high added value, be highly capital intensive and highly productive. These objectives can only be reached through hard and continuous work both in the plants, together with our employees, and outside the plants because, in order to be competitive, we need a system that can identify and neutralise the obstacles that slow us down in going for our objectives. A growing business that creates jobs is the solution for the issues of our society. We want our society to be more inclusive and fairer, capable of reducing differences among people and regions and to be a true enemy of poverty.”

Being there one more time was an acknowledgement and a valuable recognition for us, a confirmation that the path – the uphill path we chose to go down several years ago, is the right one.

Sometimes, in the most difficult moments, I am tempted to go back. Back to playing it safe, to being carefree, to remaining within the average of things-as-they-have-always-been-done-before.

It’s recognitions like this one that persuade me to do the opposite and I believe that going in the opposite direction was one of our best decisions.

Kind regards,


Giovanni Affinita

Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors at SAPA


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