SAPA Group will be one of the most important speakers at the most important event in the field of plastics for the automotive industry: "Plastics in Motion", taking place in Detroit from June the 4th to June the 7th 2017

Plastics in Motion” is the most important worldwide event in the field of plastics for the automotive industry.
Every year the leading companies of the industry – industrial giants with tens of billions of turnover each year – take part to it in order to discuss and explore new opportunities in the use of plastics in the automotive industry.

The 2017 edition will be inaugurated by Thomas Pilette, vice president of Magna International.

SAPA Group will intervene as a speaker at this prestigious event, presenting an innovative study, representing the cutting-edge technology in the molding of plastic materials for passenger cars, which will bring huge benefits to the industry, thanks to a weight reduction of plastic car components, leading to a reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

A study that will be presented in Detroit from June the 4th to June the 7th 2017 by Eng. Sofia Lanzillo of SAPA Group, realized with the important collaboration of the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno.

To make cars ever lighter, it was performed an experimental activity of injection molding with the innovative MuCell technology.

An activity that was considered of great interest by the board that organizes “Plastics in Motion”, who has granted to SAPA Group the exclusive invitation to participate as a speaker.

It is in fact a very relevant innovation due to the potential applications of this technology on an industrial scale, and for the surprising results that it could bring, not only from the perspective of weight reduction of the components, of the thermal and mechanical performances, but also in the aesthetic and design, combining this process with other innovative mold conditioning technologies.

The goal is to optimize the results obtained and bring them on an industrial scale.

Plastic materials have played a very important role in driving the success of the automotive industry for several decades.

But today more than ever we are witnessing a real revolution in the progresses that were achieved in the processing of plastic materials: we build lighter, safer cars, with cutting-edge design and an increasingly higher quality

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It’s a real Renaissance in the industry and the Made in Italy cannot but be a mainstay, as stated by Giovanni Affinita, Chief Strategy Sales of SAPA Group.

“It is with great pleasure that I can announce our admission to the prestigious Plastics In Motion 2017 Conference.

Our R&D department demonstrates its ability to keep pace in the concrete challenges that our industry has made us face in these years.

In SAPA Group we seek to do business in the Made in Italy style: we have an artistic heritage, such as the one of the Renaissance, which can only be inspiring, even for a manufacturing company like ours.
Our inspiration is to extract the value from every opportunity, such as Michelangelo carved his works out of marble blocks. And you know, both marble carving and working in the automotive industry have very low error margins.

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