After the Wolfsburger Nachrichten, Automobilwoche also writes about sapa and its One-Shot® method, the only method that reduces car part production phases to just one single step.

Automobilwoche is the major German magazine in the automotive sector, I guess you know it.

On 2 November it published an article on the history of our company with the title “Processing of plastics: the supplier SAPA pushes the One-Shot process”.

You cannot imagine how proud we are about it!

It was precisely the novelty of the One-Shot® Method that awoke the interest of the magazine. As you may know, as a matter of fact, the One-Shot® Method is the world fastest method to produce car parts. And it is the only one that can guarantee the same quality performance while reducing costs, producing lighter parts and increasing productivity.

The method relies on the principle of reducing the number of production phases. And for this reason, it stands out from the traditional methods: the One-Shot® process is optimised to the maximum, it does not necessarily take place in one single step (for example, if the number of phases is reduced from 7 to 3, we can already call this One-Shot® Method), but it tends to reduce the number of work phase more and more.


With the use of technology, which reduces production times: automated processed allow us to obtain the product in just one shot, without the deployment of manpower and hence error free.

Just like Automobilwoche put it:

Thanks to this technology, internal plastic parts of the car – such as door panel, engine covers, or hubcaps can be produced through the one single phase that constitutes this production process.

For the Company, this implies advantages that include cost reduction and faster production with no product waste.”

As you can see the advantages are manifold. Not only is the productivity increased by around 300% in comparison with the traditional production methods of the engine beauty cover, but this method also takes account of the new market requirements and of the environmental impact, which to date can no longer be neglected.

“SAPA already produces around one quarter of its parts with this new process. (…)

Within two years, the percentage of parts produced with the One-Shot process should reach 40%”

Very clearly, for SAPA this is an ambitious objective to reach.

But we have always liked challenges: as a matter of fact, we managed to patent 4 One-Shot® components in 4 years, and these are already industrialised and have received prizes and awards all around the world.

The pages that Automobilwoche magazine has decided to dedicate to us are yet another proof that we are moving in the right direction. The interest that SAPA is attracting also from abroad is very telling.

It says that to date it is possible to find an alternative to traditional methods, and because the alternative is so innovative, it nips issues and limitations in the bud and focuses on the future of the automotive sector.

Hereunder you’ll find the full article:

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Giovanni Affinita
Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors at SAPA


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