When quality standards in the automotive industry become increasingly higher every year, and when innovation has to be always a step ahead of production, even finding trained painters who effectively perform their delicate role, can take a long time.

Plastic coating is very complicated, because the colour of the plastic components must match the bodywork, in addition, this is an electrostatic material that attracts unwanted powders that can ruin the piece.

For this reason, in our paint coating plant we adopted 7 robots and about 40 people who deal with such a delicate process.

Antonio Affinita, CEO of SAPA Group, spoke about this, and about our manufacturing reality in a beautiful interview with Corriere della Sera, insert Mezzogiorno Economia.

Click on the image to read the full interview.

Intervista Antonio Affinita Corriere della sera inserto Mezzogiorno economia 2014

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