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How are Italian businesses preparing to face the challenges posed by industry 4.0?

This question is of great interest to me.

SAPA is a fast growing company, with annual revenues of approximately 180 million, which plants are adopting state-of-the-art presses, while optimizing the role of artificial intelligence in the context of the production of car components.

It’s the work of the latest generation of machinery that transforms SAPA’s components from:

Simple plastic components → into Superior Auto Parts Always

Even if machinery, robots, artificial intelligence is playing and will continue to play a vital role in the growth of the entire sector, I personally do believe in the role of man, and so does the SAPA family.

My father used to say:

The man is who makes the difference

I believe in human intelligence and creativity, something hard to replace with a machine. I am sure you agree.

Two new articles about SAPA, which also include some brief comments of mine, appeared on and, the leading Italian magazines in the field of car components. They explain how SAPA is facing all of this.

You can read the content of the articles by clicking on the images below.

In article, you will find:

• The One-Shot® method applied to the printing of the engine cover (reducing the cycle times by 1/3, now to 50-75 seconds);
• The Wiki project: how SAPA is introducing artificial intelligence in the car components sector;
• How a mid-sized Italian company is innovating processes and generating value (where other companies are not even looking for).

Click on the picture below to read the article.


In the article on, you will find instead:

• What is SAPA Academy and the importance of training;
• How SAPA is investing in young students with the Angelo Affinita Award;
• A short recap of SAPA’s story and the acquisitions of the last few years.

Click on the picture below to read Plastix article:

Giovanni Affinita.
Chief Sales Strategist and Board Member of SAPA.

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